Andrew, on their TREES page, describes the leaves of Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii). How do they describe these leaves and what is one way it differs from other Oak species?

Angela, on their FEILD TRIPS page, describes the leaves of White oak (Quercus alba). How do they describe these leaves and why is this tree economically important?

Anna, on their PLANTS OF THE OLENTANGY BIKE TRAIL page, describes two plants brought to the US from China. What were they and why were they brought here?

Ashley, on their FIELD TRIPS page, describes how orchid seeds differ from those of most other seed plants. How do they differ and what do they rely on for germination?

Brady, on their FIELD TRIPS page, mentions two members of the bellflower family (Campanulaceae) we saw at Deep Woods. How do these two flowers differ in color and habitat preferences?

Cole, on their FEILD TRIPS page, what are the two interesting facts they mention about spicebush flowers?

Dr. Klips, on their TURF FARM WOODS page, just in case you don’t already not like burdock, what additional reason did Dr. Klips discover at the Turf farm woods?

Edrie, on their FIELD TRIPS 2 page, talks about why they think Skunk cabbage is the coolest plant ever. What family is skunk cabbage in and why does Edrie think it is so cool?

Elizabeth, on their PLANTS OF THE OLENTANY RIVER RESEARCH PARK page, mentions 3 plants which produce berries. What animals eat each berries and which are sometimes toxic?

Emma, on their FIELD TRIPS-CEDAR BOG page, one of our 10 invasive plants to know found at Cedar Bog. What is it and what has it been used for in Virginia in the past?

Gavin, on their FIELD TRIPS page, what interesting thing about reproduction in Walking ferns did they mention?

Haley, on their PLANTS OF THE BATTELLE DARBY CREEK FLOODPLAIN AREA page, what do they mention is the cool way American bladdernut disperses seeds and what kind of fruit does this plant have?

Hyunjung, on their FIELD TRIPS page, they took a picture of the most common club moss in Ohio. What is it and how does it grow?

Jesse H, on their FIELD TRIPS page, mentions two animal dispersed fruits. What are they and how do they differ in how they use animals to help disperse their seeds?

Nick, on their PLANTS OF GLEN ECHO PARK page, talks about the medicinal uses for two plants. What are the plants and what illnesses can they supposedly help treat?

Jessie N, on their TREES page, discusses a tree with three leaf forms. What is that tree and what are the different forms its leaf might take?

Jim A, on their TREES page, how do cottonwoods get their name and what type of habitat do they prefer?

Jimmy B., on their FIELD TRIPS page, tells us how to tell poison hemlock from wild carrot. How do they say you can do that and what famous historical figure allegedly died after consuming poison hemlock?

Kate P., on their PLANTS OF BLENDON WOODS METRO PARK page, what plant do they mention will not damage the walls of buildings and what special structures do they have to avoid this?

Katie Gaffney, on their CEDAR BOG FIELD TRIP page, how do they explain bladderwort and sundews differ in how they capture insects?

Katie Gordon, on their TREES page, what is the fun fact they give about Osage Orange?

Kelly, on their PLANTS OF THE OLENTANGY RIVER WETLANDS page, mentions and ornamental plant brought from Europe. What is that plant and what helps it spread its seeds?

Kira, on their PLANTS OF BLACKLICK WOODS METROPARK page, how do they describe the symmetry and inflorescence shape of Crown Vetch and what animals are they toxic/not toxic to?

Logan, on their BOTANICAL SURVEY page, mentions an interaction between moonseed and an insect. Describe that interaction.

Michaela, on their TREES page, how do they describe the leaves of Hackberry trees and what do their fruits supposedly taste like?

Murphy, on their BOTANICAL SURVEY page, name 5 of the many uses they give for Jewelweed

Nate, on their FIELD TRIPS page, describes the armament structures of two plants. what are the plants and what type of armaments do they have?

Olivia, on their FIELD TRIPS page, how do they say bog goldenrod differs from most goldenrods and what have these plants been used for in the past?

Sammie, on their FIELD TRIPS page, How do they say Cinnamon fern gets its common name and what frond type do they have?

Taylor, on their FIELD TRIPS page, what do they mention is interesting about the relationship between beechdrops and beech trees?

Tony, on their TREES page, mentions a traditional use and an important ecological feature of Mountain maple. What are they?



Andrew B

Angela D.

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