In Summer, 2020 the OSU Ohio Plants course was entirely online (taught remotely). The instructors put together video versions of the lectures that were traditionally done in-person and placed them on YouTube. This page is an aggregation of those lectures.

 Lets look at the plant life cycle and seedless vascular plants.

Some variation in typical ferns.

Let’s review the pertinent aspects of fern morphology that are useful in their identification.

Here’s how to see “Ferns to Know” on the course companion web site.

The Appalachian Gametophyte is a fern that lost its sporophyte.

Horsetails (Equisetum) are ferns too!

A field trip to see scouring-rush!

Equisetum reproduction and Introducing the Lycophytes.

Seedless vascular plants concluded.

Shining clubmoss reproduction.

Clubmoss spores were used as “flash powder.”