In Summer, 2020 the OSU Ohio Plants course was entirely online (taught remotely). The instructors put together video versions of the lectures that were traditionally done in-person and placed them on YouTube. This page is an aggregation of those lectures.

Plant-like, but not plants exactly,
lichens are fungi that have discovered agriculture.
Let’s learn a little mycology, the study of fungi..


James Lendemer is a prominent
–oooh look at that katydid! —
lichenologist at the New York Botanical Gardens.
He will show us lichens in the field.

The Lichen Model of Science.

Lets home in on some of the lichen identification features
we will see in the lab this week.

Let’s look at some lichens in the field..

Let’s look at some MORE lichens in the field..

Common Ohio Lichens.

Some odd ones!

8 Lichens to know and love!