In Summer, 2020 the OSU Ohio Plants course was entirely online (taught remotely). The instructors put together video versions of the lectures that were traditionally done in-person and placed them on YouTube. This page is an aggregation of those lectures.

The Conifer Life Cycle

Let’s learn some basic botany, as there is an aspect of pine reproduction we find fascinating. It takes two years Pollination happens in year one, before the female gametophytes are even in existence. The pollen grains patiently wait for their partners to develop. Amazing!

Unknown Conifer 1 
(psst: it’s fir, genus Abies)

Unknown Conifer 2
(psst: it’s yew, genus Taxus)

Unknown Conifer 3 
(psst: it’s white-cedar genus Thuja)

Unknown Conifer 4 
(psst: it’s helmock, genus Tsuga)

Unknown Conifer 5 
(psst: it’s spruce, genus Picea)

Unknown Conifer 6 
(psst: it’s pine, genus Pinus)

Unknown Conifer 7 
(psst: it’s redcedar genus Juniperus)