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#1. What ancient myth is used to describe the color of the redbud flowers?

#2. What threatens ash trees, and what is being done?

#3. How much maple sap is required for 1 gallon of syrup? When is this sap produced most abundantly?

#4. Which of these apply to white oaks compared to red oaks?

Select all that apply:

#5. What is the habitat of flowering dogwood

#6. What's a type of hickory nut you'd find in the store?

#7. How would a buckeye tree aid in the wild...though would be against many game laws?

#8. How can you distinguish an Ohio Buckeye and a Yellow Buckey

#9. What ecological effect do black walnut roots produce?

#10. Why were there surveys to find Black Walnut during WWI?

#11. What specialized growths are found on oaks, and what are they used for (because of the high tannin concentration)

#12. What is interesting about box-elder maple leaves?

#13. Why is hickory wood useful?

#14. Why isn't the name of the redbud tree isn't quite right? How are the flowers colored and arranged on the tree?

#15. What was a former use of the inner bark of Dogwood?

#16. Why are black ashes useful even though they are less strong than other ashes?