Nowelia curvifolia is a small leafy liverwort common on bark-free logs in the forest.

Beech drops, Epifagus virginiana, is a root-parasite on American Beech!

Spotted touch-me not, Impatiens capensis (Balsaminaceae, the touch-me-not family)

Blue lobelia, Lobelia syphilitica (Campanulaceae, the harebell family)

Hairy pinesap, Hypopitys lanuginosa (Ericaceae, the heath family)

The plant kingdom in Ohio. One basal eudicot, one monocot, one eudicot, a lycopod, two ferns (including one “tube fern”), two gymnosperms, a hornwort, liverwort, and moss.


Obedient plant, Physostegia virginiana (Lamiaceae, the mint family)


biennial gaura, Gaura biennis (Onagraceae, the evening-primrose family)

Joe-pye weed

cursed crowfoot


St. Andrew’s cross

Swamp rose mallow.


Pale touch-me-not (jewelweed)