nodding lady’s tresses, Spiranthes cernua
Orchidaceae, the orchid family

Shrubby cinquefoil, Dasiphora fruticosa
Rosaceae, the rose family

One-seeded bur cucumber, Sicyos angulata
Cucurbitaceae, the gourd family

swamp lousewort, Pedicularis lanceolata
Orobanchaceae, the broomrape family

trailing lespedeza, Lespedeza repens
Fabaceae, the legume family

autumn coral-root, Coralorhiza odontorhiza
Orchidaceae, the orchid family

zigzag goldenrod, Solidago flexicaulis
Asteraceae, the aster family

ditch stonecrop. Penthorum sedoides
Saxifragaceae, the saxifrage family

American dittany, Cunila origanoides
Lamiaceae, the mint family

pinesap, Monotropa hypopitys
Ericaceae, the heath family

saw-tooth sunflower, Helianthus grosseserratus
Asteraceae, the aster family

pasture thistle, Cirsium discolor
Asteraceae, the aster family

Cowbane, Oxypolis rigidor
Apiaceae, the parsely family

Orange coneflower, Rudbeckia fulgida
Asteraceae, the sunflower family

Carolina phlox, Phlox carolina
Polemoniaceae, the phlox family

pale touch-me-not, Impatiens pallida
Balsaminaceae, the touch-me-not family

great lobelia, Lobelia syphilitica
Campanulaceae, the harebell family