In Summer, 2020 the OSU Ohio Plants course was entirely online (taught remotely). The instructors put together video versions of the lectures that were traditionally done in-person and placed them on YouTube. This page is an aggregation of those lectures.

Primitive flowers (FENSH):
Important in the context of plant evolution,
and useful for plant identification:

Now, our first focal plant family,
the Liliaceae (and some former Liliaceae members).

Lets look at lovely lilies.

Those rambunctious ranuncs, the Ranunculaceae). 

We even have a guest TA for the lab!

Moving on to the roses (Rosaceae):

There are roses right under our noses!

Ooh, the mustard or cabbage family (Brassicaceae):

Field trip to see dame’s rocket.

Fabulous Fabaceae.

Is it snowing?

Lamiceae, the mint family:
square stems and opposite leaves.

Gill-over-the-ground in the backyard.

Apiaceae, the parsely family.

Field trip!
Out guest TA has returned!

Laster but not leaster, it’s the aster (family)

Let’s look at some!