Can you identify which families the sketches of these plants belong to?


#1. To which family does this plant belong?

Fabaceae (Herbs, shrubs, vines and trees with alternate, stipulate, compound leaves. Flowers [actinomorphic or] zygomorphic, 5-merous, unicarpellate; fruit a legume or loment.)

#2. To which family does this plant belong?

Rosaceae (Stipulate herbs, shrubs, & trees with 5-merous flowers, a hypanthium, many stamens.)

#3. What family would this plant belong to?

Apiaceae (Aromatic herbs with hollow, furrowed stems, compound leaves with sheathing leaf bases, 5-merous often white or yellow flowers in compound umbels, and fruit a schizocarp.)

#4. This plant is a part of which plant family?

Liliaceae (Perennial herbs from bulbs, rhizomes or corms. Leaves linear, sometimes sword-shaped and fibrous. Flowers with a conspicuous 6-parted petaloid perianth, 6 (3) stamens and a superior or inferior tricarpellate ovary. Fruit a capsule or berry.)

#5. What family does this plant belong to?

Asteraceae (Herbs and shrubs with involucrate heads of small, 5-merous, sympetalous flowers. The calyx is represented by a pappus, a series of bristles, hairs or scales. Stamens 5, united by their anthers. Gynoecium bicarpellate, inferior, producing a single achene at maturity.)

#6. This plant belongs to which family?

Brassicaceae (Herbs with an acrid taste; flowers of 4 sepals, 4 petals, 6 stamens (4 2), and a silique or silicle.)

#7. Which plant family is this a part of?

Ranunculaceae (Herbs with compound leaves, sheathing leaf bases. Flowers with numerous stamens and carpels, typically actinomorphic, but zygomorphic in Delphinium and Acontium.)

#8. Which plant family is this a part of?

Lamiaceae (Herbs and shrubs with square stems, opposite leaves, a “minty” aroma, and 5-merous zygomorphic flowers with 2 or 4 stamens, and a deeply 4-lobed ovary with a gynobasic style; fruit 4 nutlets.)