Alex, on her FIELD TRIPS page explains that a much-hated weedy shrub was once promoted (advertized) for a supposedly good purpose. What is the shrub and what why was it promoted?

Angela, on her PLANTS OF KENNY/DELAWANDA page describes a sweet-smelling little member of the Asteraceae.What was the plant and what does it smell like. (Remember when we saw this at Battelle Darby Metro Park?)

Dr. Klips, on his THAT PLACE I LOST MY TRIPOD page explians how the violet plants in late spring and summer that that seem to be finished flowering may actually still be blooming profusely. Explain what “cleistogamous” flowers are, and why they aren’t showy.

Catherine, on her FIELD TRIPS page describes two insectivorous plants as Cedar Bog that isn’t a bog. Name then and describe how one of them (you choice) does its insectivory.

Ellie, on her PLANTS OF SHALE HOLLOW gives us a fun common name for the catalpa tree, and also describes its inflorescence. What are they?

Emilee, on her BOTANICAL SURVEY page, tells us why, if you are a cow or a sheep, you ought not eat butterweed. Why not?

Idiris, on his FIELD TRIPS page that details our trip to Cedar Bog that isn’t a bog explains why Cedar Bog isn’t a bog. What does he say about that?

Joseph, on the “Shrubs and Vines!” section of his PLANTS OF TUCKER ROAD PARK page, describes a woody vine with compound leaves that isn’t poison-ivy. What is it, and how is it different than poison-ivy, leaf-wise?

Julia, on her TREES page describes a former veterinary use of dogwood. What was it for and how was it prepared?

Kali, on the “mixing up the gene pool” section of her ARABIDOPSIS page, sets forth two ways that plants can get new genes, or new combinations of genes. Name and descrobe/define ones of them (your choice).

Lindsey, on her PLANTS OF THE BATTELLE DARBY CREEK METRO PARK page, give TWO little slogans to warn us about poison-ivy. What are they?

Matt, on his DENDROLOGY relates a native American use of honey-locust, related to its name. What is that use?

Piper, on her PLANTS OF INDIAN VILLAGE page, denotes an ecological effect of a clover (Trifolium hybridum) and the underlying reason for it. What is the effect and its reason?

Rachel, on her PLANTS OF INDIAN RUN FALLS page, distinguishes between false Solomon’s seal and true Solomon’s seal. What is the difference?

Tess, on her PLANTS OF THE OLENTANGY RIVER PARK page tells a famous story about southern Ohio horsemen and a certain tree. What’s the story?