Shagbark hickory  (Carya ovata)

The hickories (genus Carya) is divisible into two groups: (1) the “pecan hickories,” with thin-husked fruit and 13 or more leaflets, and (2) the “true hickories,” with thick-husked fruits and fewer (5-9) leaflets. One of our common member of the true hickory group is shagbark hickory, Carya ovata.

Twig-wise, look for stout twigs with a large true terminal bud covered by somewhat shaggy scales. Moderately large half-round leaf scars with prominent bundle scars arranged in a “U.”


Shagbark hickory (Carta ovata) is a “true hickory”

The twigs have prominent lenticels.


Shagbark hickory lateral bud with terminal bud scale scars